Do you know your best colours?

Together we will discover the real you...

What is a colour analysis?

This is what I asked after my friend had her colours 'done' and before I went through the process myself. So what is it in real terms?

Colour analysis is a process to work out which colours suit you best. It can give you that great buzz when you know you look good!

Colour analysis helps us determine what colours will make us look heathly, youthful and glowing. When you don't wear your best colours you can look drained, older and tired. You should be the focus, and not your clothes. Wearing your best colours can make people see YOU first - let people see the real you.

You don't need to follow the current colour fashion trends - once you know the colours that work for you! You can stick to your own colour palette and be confident of how great you look. Don't believe the hype that everyone should wear black!

Once you've had your colours done... just be prepared for the flood of compliments!

Colour analysis isn't just for clothes but accessories, hair colour and make-up. And remember... I won't tell you that you can't wear something you love. We can just enhance it by using the colours that suit you best!

Seasonal colour groups


True colours that compliment a cool skintone


Bright and warm colours


Cool colours that have a lovely softness


Rich, deep and warm colours


I provide personal colour analysis consultations, face to face or online. I cover tonal and seasonal analysis, advise on jewellery, make-up, capsule wardrobe, best darkest and lightest neutrals as well as discovering your wow colours.

Become the person who shines on the outside with the sense of wellbeing within.

I will help you find out your best colours so that you can go and buy clothes with confidence knowing that everything will match. Invest your money wisely by buying shoes, jackets and trousers in your best neutrals.

Personal Consultation

You can visit my home studio or I can come to your own home so that you can be completely relaxed and we will discover...

Do you have a warm, cool or neutral skintone?
Your best darkest neutral colour
Your best lightest neutral colour
Your best accent colours
Which Season and/or Tone you suit best
The best complimentary makeup palettes for your Season and/or Tone
How to wear the clothes you already own and love, just by making simple changes

Online Consultation

An online consultation can be conducted in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we can work together to find a convienent time to chat.

To conduct an online colour analysis, I will send you an online questionnaire and you'll need to provide a clear photo of your face. I will do an initial analysis before we have a Zoom call.

We will use my custom built software to go through a variety of colours and work out what works best for you.


Personal Consultation

You will get...

Your own personal digital swatch for your season / tone

(with an option to purchase a physical swatch if preferred)

A seasonal leaflet highlighting all your best colours, jewellery and make-up advice
Guidance on how to wear your current clothes
Approximately 1.5 hrs discovering your perfect colours

Costs are £120 for an individual.

Please contact me for costs for groups, hen parties, corporate events.

**Please note that travel within 10 miles of Highcliffe / Christchurch, Dorset (BH23) is included.
Travel outside this radius is subject to additional mileage costs of 45p a mile.

Online Consultation

You will get...

An online Zoom meeting to discuss and review your colour selections
A colour personality questionnaire results
A personal report containing details of your season/tone, best colours
as well as jewellery and make-up advice
A personal online colour swatch to aid future shopping trips

Costs are £100 for an online consultation.



"Thank You! I was so impressed by the entire process and amazed at the outcome. I have been through my wardrobe now and surprisingly I do have a few Autumnal warm colours but can't wait to add more. The entire consultation was very relaxed and so informative - people will love it!"



"Thank you Wendy for a professional and interesting colour consultation. I was so surprised by the outcome. I’ll be looking at my wardrobe with fresh eyes now."

Nicky L


Yesterday I had the pleasure of an online consultation with Wendy, and it was fab! I really enjoyed learning about the different colours and what hues/shades worked for me. I’m excited to go shopping for me, for the first time in a long time! Thank you so much Wendy!


Online consultation

I had a consult with Wendy online to discuss my best colours. I live in black or navy!! We found that I’m a warm autumn, suit navy (yay!), plums/aubergines, warm reds, chocolate browns etc & forest green. Strange how now I see I have some of those very colours in my wardrobe. Wendy is warm, engaging & happy to discuss /play around with her online colour program that even being online, helps niche down to the right colour palatte for you. I wasn’t disappointed & now have even more confidence to pull that but of colour out of my wardrobe to wear; albeit with black jeans!!! Now I know what I am looking for, it’s going to make it easier to shop. And now you see ‘me /my face’ not just the colour I wear!! Thanks Wendy xxx

Nicky C

Online consultation

As a person who had always stuck to blacks and greys, I was a bit nervous of introducing colour. However, during my fun and relaxed colour consultation, Wendy worked out which colours suited me and how I could wear them. It has made shopping so much easier and more enjoyable.



Great Xmas present! Bought an online colour consultation for my partner from a photo and surprised him with some new clothes! No more blue and grey! He loved the pale pink shirt and berry jumper!! Many thanks Wendy! Would recommend!


Online consultation

About Me

I came across colour analysis a few years ago after a friend was telling me all about ‘having her colours done’. I am someone who really likes recommendations from friends, especially when I have not heard of something before. She was chatting to me and showing me a swatch of colours, all the colours that suited her. It meant that going shopping was going to be much easier, and at the time we both had young children so this was a must!

Wendy Orpwood

Colour Consultant

I am not really one for shopping. I have a list… and then I go in, find the item(s) I was looking for, and run away as quick as I can. Do not get me wrong, I like to look good, but I do not enjoy wandering around the shops.

After seeing my friend on a few occasions afterwards, she looked amazing. She just seemed to have a healthy glow about her. My interest was piqued, and I went to have my own colour analysis.

I loved the experience but being of a scientific mind I wanted to know more. I discovered that I was a cool Summer and using my newfound knowledge I could go shopping and not make mistakes when doing so.

I trained up a few years later and was taught the techniques of colour analysis. It is a fascinating subject and I know how good I felt afterwards, and I wanted to share the knowledge I gained.

I am not a fashionista, but I know what colours work. I live and breathe in my jeans, but my wardrobe now matches, shopping is easier, and I feel more confident and positive. Whether you love fashion or live your life in jeans… I can find the best colours for you!

It is a long way from my Masters in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, but you must have an outlet for things you love doing.